About Us

Welcome to our little world of blooming delights, where we specialise in all things floral. Our signature design is the timeless, Victorian Posy, a Mary Read speciality. In addition to this our wearable florals are also an area in which we pride ourselves.

Mary's passion for flowers has come full circle, back to where it all began in 1996 with the re-establishment of Poppies Flowers (her original flower store). The 2023 version of Poppies Flowers has come about due to the expansion of the Mary Read Designs floral department. The vision to bring Poppies back has been due to the strong demand for our florals and Marys quest to return an iconic flower store to the Adelaide floral scene. 

With 30 years in the floral industry Mary has seen it all, so no flower request is too big, small, or weird. Here at Poppies we'll create and co-ordinate your elegant house flowers, your event and corporate flowers to your final farewell blooms.

please drop us a line  info@poppiesflowers.co

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